Long-dive Philippines, TDI, CMAS, Rebreather Instructor


LONG-DIVE price list
Prices in US dollars.
(Change rate is 1 USD = 42 Php.)


Intro to Rebreather

1 day

100 USD

 SCR belly position Space 40

2-3 days

395 USD

TDI SCR   Submatix

4-5 days

495 USD

TDI mCCR  air Diluent  Submatix

4-5 days

695 USD

eCCR  air Diluent  Quantum

4-5 days

795 USD

TDI CCR Air Diluent Deco Procedures

4-5 days

895 USD

TDI CCR Mixed Gas 

5 days

895 USD

TDI Advanced Mixed Gas CCR

4-5 days

995 USD

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Technical Course Enrollment Details

Enrollment in a technical course guarantees you excellent and complete training. However, it does not guarantee you a certification card. You must earn that. All of our training is performance based.

A deposit is required for booking the course. The deposit is nonrefundable and is 10% of the minimum charge for that class. If you need to change dates, it must be done two weeks before the first day of class, or the deposit is forfeited. The balance is due on the first day of class.

Course fees are based on successful completion of all requirements in the minimum number of days or dives. If additional days are required to complete your training, the cost is 5,000 Php per day per diver on technical courses excluding tanks and equipment fees.

Please not that gases, certification and dive-sorb for rebreather are exclusive of the course fee.
All equipment is included in the course fee.