about US

We are based in Batangas province Philippines. The place is named Delapaz Proper.

De La Paz, one of the remotest fishing village of the municipality of Batangas, is located along the coast, south of Monte Maria pelgrinage center.

Formerly, De la paz, Pulot was a part of this barrio and only a few families were living in this community. But on account of the unprecedented increase in the number of people, the community was divided into two distant and separate barrios namely: de la Paz Pulot and De la Paz proper. The latter has at present one hundred forty homes and a total population of seven hundred eighty.



We owne our boats and operate them by ourself. These boats are registered vessels with local captains that know local diving waters very well. For each individual trip they decide where to dive, based on the tide and moon. We dive where the conditions are the best with little to no current. That way, you get the best out of your dive trip each and every time.

Contact us : info{at]long-dive.Com


We are specialised in Scuba Diving, with air, O², and Rebreather.

We use only Professionals for greater safety, and keeps small number of student in our training.

We like to have friendly relationship with our guest. Few language options are available: English, Tagualog.

Local diving in Delapaz is fun. The visibility varies from 8-15 metres. This all depends on the moon and tide, which can vary any day.

If you are already certified – We organises dive trips in the local waters surrounding Delapaz, Lobo, Verde Island. We explore, the often not dived, reefs and wrecks, with small groups of divers.